Trust Deed Investing

Church Capital provides Investors the opportunity to easily and securely lend on real estate while earning huge returns. Safely diversify your portfolio with ‘Trust Deed Investments’ that are secured by real properties with considerable equity that protects your investment principal. Enjoy fixed monthly interest payments on short term investments that range from 1-5 years.

Banks have been enjoying for years the high yields by investing in mortgages from your savings and money market deposits. Now Church Capital’s investors can enjoy the lions share of the yields that has been reserved only to large lending institutions. Investors have the opportunity to hand pick loans and customize their investment portfolio according to their own investment strategy.

Simple to Invest…

The lending process is relatively simple. Join Church Capital and browse through our available loan listings and select the amount and the property you would like to invest. After subscribing to a loan you will receive an investment disclosure package to sign an return with funds which are deposited into our FDIC insured funding trust account. After the loan closes and the deed of trust is recorded you will begin receiving monthly interest checks as each borrower makes their payments.

Whole & Fractional Interests

- Whole Notes

Investors can purchase a whole notes secured by entirely by the one subject property. This single investor would own the entire note and would receive the borrower’s entire monthly payment, less servicing fees.

- Fractionalized Notes

Fractional notes are single whole notes secured by the subject property and is owned by an undivided interest between 2 to 10 lenders. Each investor receives a pro rata share monthly of the borrower’s payment and has voting rights equal to their share of the investment.

Both forms of note ownership is recorded publicly at the applicable county recorder’s office and is evidenced by both a promissory note and deed of trust.

Quality Properties & Borrowers

Only a fraction of the loan applications received by Church Capital are approved due to our strict lending guidelines put in place to protect investors. Borrowers are individually qualified and income verified to ensure quality borrowers with a reasonable ability to make every monthly payment. Every property is appraised and assessed to verify in detail the market value and condition of each subject property. All properties are located in the state of CA where market values are relatively (to other states) predictable and stable.

Superior only approves loans up to a maximum of 65% of the current value of the property, allowing a minimum of 35% equity to protect your investment.