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The principals at Church Capital Corporation have arranged millions in loans for Churches in California since 1999

Getting your California church loans approved in a timely manner is our goal at Church Capital Corporation. We specialize in commercial loans for churches of all denominations. We can help you start your church finance today without a bunch of forms, and without an extensive financial check.

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Baptist church loans, Church of God church loans, Church of Christ church loans, Pentecostal church loans, Non-Denominational church loans- we handle all your church loan needs regardless of your denomination. If you're expanding your sanctuary, repairing or installing a new roof, repaving the parking lot, purchasing new pews or carpet, installing heating and air conditioning units, or upgrading your church building, a church loan from Church Capital Corporation can help you achieve your dreams.

Need a Speedy Church Loan? California Churches Turn to Church Capital Corporation

When you need commercial loans for churches, and general loans for churches, we have the expertise and connections you need to get a great loan- fast. We also feature church loans with far less paperwork than you might expect. Review our loan checklist to find out what you'll need. Our loan process is quick and easy.

What You Need to Know About Church Construction Loans

Church construction loans often come with church growth, and financing that growth can be difficult at times. Church Capital Corporation can help you get the space you need for the growth that's in progress now, or for the growth you're praying for in the future. Your church construction project doesn't have to be put on hold for financial reasons. We can help you get the church financing you need to complete your project now.

Church Improvement Loans from Church Capital Corporation.

Church improvement loans for expansion or renovation can signal the beginning of great things in your congregation. Fresh paint, larger spaces, and safe roofs, walkaways, and stairwells can go a long way to attract new visitors. Please note, we do not financing new church building on a vacant lot. We do help you find financing for expansion projects, the purchase of an existing church building, and such things as heating and cooling equipment, church pews, carpeting, roof repairs, parking lot expansion or repair, or the purchase of a parsonage. Get the space you need with a church building loan from Church Capital Corporation.

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Church Construction Loan Basics

A church construction loan can be used to finance the needs of your congregation as long as you have existing equity in your current church building. You can use this existing equity, much as you do for a home mortgage, to secure your church construction loan. A church construction loan can be used to finance your church's needs- now and in the future. Even if you have an existing church loan, we can help you get a second loan, or refinancing at better rates.

Church Construction Loans

Church construction loans can be used for:

  • Parking lot creation, repair, or expansion
  • Roofing
  • Heating and air conditioning repair, installation, or upgrading
  • Church furniture like pews, altars, or Sunday school furniture
  • Addition of a church-sponsored school
  • Addition of a parsonage
  • Repairs or additions for an existing parsonage
  • Chapel expansion or remodeling
  • Adding a basement, meeting hall, or kitchen
  • Landscape work
  • Adding bathrooms
  • Making the church handicap accessible
  • Purchasing new hymnals, Bibles, communion supplies, pews, pew cushions, stained glass windows, tile, carpet, or landscaping
  • Adding energy efficient elements such as new windows, insulation, or solar panels
  • Financing your vision for your church

We have everything you need when it comes to church construction loans. Churches finance their expansion and renovation projects through Church Capital Corporation because we offer exceptional service, speedy church loans, and assistance with every step of the church loan process. After you locate church buildings for sale, we can help you get the financing you need to obtain your new church building quickly.

Church Financing

At Church Capital Corporation, we specialize in church loans. Churches turn to us for the best church loans available. If your church needs church financing to fund your dreams, call us today for more information at 510-798-9464.

California church financing brokers, like Church Capital Corporation, help church boards and trustees find the best loan rates available and get fast loan approvals for qualified applicants. If you have an existing church building, you can often get approved quickly for up to 75% of the appraised value of your church. Even churches with existing church loans can qualify for additional financing as long as the existing loan outstanding balance is less than 70% of appraised value of the church building.

Church financing through Church Capital Corporation is fast and easy. We assist you with the paperwork and answer any questions you have about the loan process free of charge. We only get paid if you secure a church loan through our service. We become your partner and advocate in the church loan process.

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Church mortgage companies extend loans to churches with existing equity in their church sanctuary, and those free of existing church mortgages. But church loans aren't just for new churches. If your current church loan is about to mature, we can help you secure church financing to lower your rates and extend your loan if necessary. Our full service church loan financing officers will help answer your questions and find you the best church mortgage deals available. Church funding doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process. We can help you find the church loan you need quickly. Get more information about church finance today by calling 510-969-4129. Our church finance experts are waiting to help your church take the next step toward church growth and renewal with a California church loan.